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Preston Arndt, MD

Primary Care Physician & Integrative Medicine Specialist in Ojai, CA

Preston Arndt, MD

Preston Arndt, MD, is a skilled primary care physician, integrative medicine specialist, and founder of Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic in Ojai, California. 

Dr. Arndt graduated from the Ventura County Family Medicine Residency Program in 2003. His dream was to open his own clinic and provide an calm and creative environment for the patient to explore all options to obtaining optimal health. He enjoys teaching patients on the contibuing factors that cause disease and how to modify the factors, taking into account the patient's individiual values and goals.  Dr. Arndt is board certified in family medicine and integrative medicine, giving him knowledge of both allopathic and complementary medicine, which allows for patient-centered, evidence-based, informed, and shared decision-making. 

Additionally, he has assisted in the transition of pediatric to adult care for individuals with special needs. This led to his interest in cystic fibrosis care and management. He is currently the associate-director of the cystic fibrosis clinic in Ventura and is an advocate for those who have need of services with chronic life-long conditions. 

Another specialty that Dr. Arndt is an expert in is cannabinoid medicine. He enjoys educating physicians and patients on the topic. He is trained by the Holistic Cannabis Academy and is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

Lastly, Dr. Arndt also is an attending physician and educator and enjoys teaching residents and students. He welcomes his previous patients to visit him and looks forward to meeting new patients and families in the community.