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Mobile Care

Mobile Care services offered in Ojai, CA

Mobile Care services offered in the greater Ojai, CA area

Mobile care makes it easy to receive high-quality medical treatment from the comfort of your own home. At Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic, in Ojai, California, double-board certified Integrative and Family Medicine provider Preston Arndt, MD, and Registered Nurse Mara Landa, RN offer various services via mobile care, including phlebotomy, IV hydration, and visits to people who are acutely or chronically disabled. Call Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic today to request mobile care, or book your appointment online.

Mobile Care Q & A

What is mobile care?

Mobile care, or mobile physician services, make it easy to meet with your doctor from home, work, or wherever it's most convenient. It’s an excellent option for elderly people, patients lacking transportation, and parents or family caregivers with dependents at home.

Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic offers mobile care to individuals and families, ensuring high-quality health care that’s easy to schedule and access.

What services does mobile care provide?

Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic offers various medical services via mobile care, including:

Phlebotomy is a medical subspecialty that draws and analyzes samples of blood to gain health insights. 

All in-home phlebotomy at Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic is administered by an emergency medicine provider trained at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 

Whether you need to keep tabs on your blood sugar, have high cholesterol, or are worried about a hormonal imbalance, phlebotomy can help. 

IV therapy
IV therapy administers vitamins, minerals, or nutrients straight into your bloodstream. It’s a quick and effective treatment for various medical conditions, including dehydration, hangovers, headaches, and sports recovery.

Like phlebotomy, all in-house IV therapy is administered by a UCLA-trained emergency medicine provider.  

Family medicine
Family medicine provides medical care to people of all ages. For example, if you recently had a baby, your Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic provider can visit your house post-hospital discharge, to ensure your little one meets all of their developmental milestones. 

Men’s health
Men’s health provides complete medical care to people with male reproductive organs. It combines patient education, preventive screenings, and routine exams to keep men healthy and problem-free. 

Women’s health
Women’s health provides sex-specific medical care to women. Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic offers most women’s health services via mobile care, but some special tests, like a Pap smear, might require you to visit the office in person.

How do I prepare for a mobile care visit?

Mobile care visits don’t require any special preparation, but it’s a good idea to gather the following items in advance of your provider’s visit:

  • Health insurance card
  • The prescription medications and supplements you take
  • Questions or concerns you want to address
  • Results from recent medical tests, like lab work or X-rays

Call Preston Arndt, MD Medical Clinic today to schedule a mobile care appointment for yourself or a loved one, or book online.